Whispers of Truth Trio Collection

Luxury Brand House of Sillage Introduces Whispers of Truth Trio Collection – The New Limited Edition Fragrance, Bow Lipstick Case & Travel Spray Case From the Whispers in the Garden Collection.

By GlobeNewswire

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Aug. 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- House of Sillage, a global leader in luxury haute parfumerie and cosmétique, is excited to announce the release of its newest fragrance in the “Whispers in the Garden” collection, Whispers of Truth.

House of Sillage is renowned for its brilliant jewel-embellished design and extraordinary fragrances, all with unique inspirations that effortlessly transport to otherworldly dimensions. The “Whispers in the Garden” collection conveys a powerful message within each scent – Innocence, Guidance, Time, Admiration, Enlightenment, Strength and now Truth – the quintessential nutrients that enrich your true meaning of life.

Founder and CEO Nicole Mather shares her inspiration, “Many people ask me why I named this collection, ‘Whispers in the Garden.’ Like a garden that needs nutrients and tending to grow and flourish, so does a person’s soul. As you wear each fragrance you are reminded of the power of the words whispered to your soul, as these are the nutrients that cultivate strength, wisdom, love, and happiness. The Whispers of Truth is a culmination of all those positive affirmations. With this fragrance, celebrate in the reveries of finding your true destiny.

With its ethereal blend of floral, citrus and green notes, Whispers of Truth is a feminine fragrance inspiring a fearless flair, which awakens a woman’s soul and sets it on fire. As she embodies the aroma, she is reminded to unveil her truth and authentic destiny. The parfum bottle’s exquisite cap is the most luxurious masterpiece in the “Whispers in the Garden” collection, as it is hand-polished with precious metal and hand-crafted with scintillating Swarovski crystals, in the excellent craftsmanship of haute joaillerie.

Included in this collection, House of Sillage has also released the iconic Bow Lipstick Case and Travel Spray Case adorned in the exquisitely golden Whispers of Truth theme. Additionally, the newly released Whispers of Admiration Lipstick Case and Travel Spray Case are delicately crafted in a pink and gold design.

To complement the regal aesthetic of this exclusive collection, the top-selling lipstick refill shades of Baron, Prince and Queen, housed in sleek, golden bullets, are being repromoted to gorgeously match the limited-edition bow-shaped cases.

Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way, and Whispers of Truth serves as a token of her beauty inside and out. As she wears this fragrance, she is reminded of the compelling and supportive words whispered as they are the foundations of achievement and an extraordinarily beautiful life.

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